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    Ethiopia shines no matter how you taste it: ibrik or cold brew

Ethiopia Guji Kercha

Ethiopia Guji Kercha

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Notes of flowers, cocoa, stone fruits



Coming from the wild forests of Ethiopia, this heavenly coffee reveals all of its natural attributes: sweet, clean, and complex.

83 QGrading points - green coffee evaluation by 3 QGraders, certified through Coffee Quality Institute.

Ethiopia Guji Kercha’s aromatic profile is fruity, floral, and syrupy. Oh my, take a sip and experience its delicious notes of flowers, stone fruits & cocoa, along with its divinely delicate texture & citric acidity. Mmm… it is like perfection in a cup!

Tasting is believing!


Farm: Smallholder Farms
Region: Guji
Altitude: 1900-2030m
Variety: Local Landrace Varieties
Processing: Washed

This coffee comes from the Banko Michicha washing station that was established in 2011. Today, it contains 108 raised drying beds on the site. Coffee processed here is grown by 782 local coffee growers living in the Banko Michicha, Banko Baya, and Suka Chega kebeles surrounding the station.

Coffee growers cultivate landrace variety coffees, and deliver their harvest to eight collection centers which contribute to the Banko Michicha washing station.



  • Use 1 part coffee for 2 parts water.
  • Brewzeus’ recipe: 18g coffee with 36ml water and an extraction time of aprox. 25 sec (give or take 3 sec).


  • 10g coffee with 160ml water. No scale, no problem – if using a large cup, measure 4 teaspoons of coffee; for a medium cup, 3 teaspoons will do just fine.
  • Heat the water up to 90°C. Or simply bring the water to boil, remove it from the heat and let it cool down for a couple of minutes before pouring it over.
  • Ideally, the coffee should stay in contact with the water for 2 to 4 min, depending on the filter method.


Grind the beans no sooner than just before brewing your coffee. For espresso, a fine grinding is perfect, while filter methods require a medium grinding.

Ah, it’s worth the worship!

Start brewing following the delicious recipes created by Mihai Panfil, on our blog.


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  • Ethiopia shines no matter how you taste it: ibrik or cold brew