How it's


Curating heavenly
green coffee

Brewzeus’ journey starts with the green coffee samples that farmers send to Origo Roastery every year. Oh my, just imagine our team’s joy when these samples arrive!

Each sample is roasted in order to make its way to the cupping table. Here, Mihai and his Origo team evaluate them by using the SCA Cupping Form, with careful attention to sensory profiles – natural sweetness, clean cup, acidity, complexity in aroma, and taste profiles. Psst! Brewzeus origins were on top of their shortlist.

Building long - lasting
partnership while
sourcing divine

There’s no coffee journey without the farmers’ constant dedication and care. For Brewzeus, Mihai seeks to establish and maintain equitable and healthy collaborations with 4 specialty coffee farms from Brasil, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Costa Rica. His passion for quality coffee translates into a heavenly experience in your cup!

your cup
of heaven

For each coffee order, our team checks the quality of the green beans compared to the samples. After this process of quality control, every batch is roasted with Loring Smart Roaster – one of the most advanced technology in the world.
Hmm... can you feel the divine smell of freshly roasted coffee?
Loring has precise temperature control which means more focus on the roast. It also gives a quality after-taste and transparency in aroma.

how heaven
tastes like

Each Brewzeus origin is cupped by a team of 3 Qgraders. And Mihai is one of them! They evaluate the coffee’s taste profile based on an International score sheet – SCA Cupping Form.
The final label of each Brewzeus origin includes the 3 common key notes found on all their score sheets.

divine taste
into a tiny

After the cupping session, your coffee is carefully packed and ready to make its way to you.
Ah, it’s worth the worship!

it's your turn
to enjoy brewzeus

But you don’t have to worry about these details.
Brewzeus is your blessing treat. You can order it online. And enjoy it however you like it.
Shh! It will shine no matter how you brew it.