ROA Barista Oat M*lk

ROA Barista Oat M*lk

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Meet Brewzeus' latest discovery!


We love uncomplicated specialty coffee. And we also love a great companion for it. 

ROA Barista Oat M*lk is an innovative alternative milk, created to complement a good coffee, while preserving the authenticity of the taste profile. 

Its creamy texture meets the needs of any barista.

Resistant to high temperatures, versatile, and easy to handle, it allows you to create a cup with a dense and velvety foam for a perfect latte art.

It's artisanal, crafted in the Netherlands, and sustainably produced, with a low environmental impact, without compromising on taste and quality. It has a clean label with a minimal selection of carefully curated ingredients. It is Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats. It contains no added sugar because it naturally obtains sweetness from the highest quality oats, resulting in low calorie content.


Ingredients: water, European oats (9.5%), rapeseed oil, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, vitamins (D2, riboflavin, B12).

Lactose-free and soy-free. Contains gluten.

No added sugar. Only the natural sweetness of oats.

Made from whole oats, using only the finest ingredients.

The box can be stored in a cool space for up to a year. After opening, it should be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 - 8°C and consumed within seven days.

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