Nivona NICR 790 Caferomatica Espresso Machine

Nivona NICR 790 Caferomatica Espresso Machine

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It seems like you can actually be the Zeus of coffee with the touch of a button!

Meet the Nivona NICR 790 CafeRomatica, your very own barista in a box! This fully automatic espresso machine brings the delightful experience of specialty coffee shops to your home. It also makes you feel like a coffee master with the touch of a button. 

We recommend it for the wide range of coffee-based drinks you can prepare: from espresso to creamy milk coffees like Latte or Cappuccino. It has an integrated milk system - OneTouch Spumatore, that effortlessly creates velvety milk foam like the one made by professional baristas.

The Nivona NICR 790 CafeRomatica has advanced, high-quality technology that ensures the optimal parameters for automatic coffee preparation, but it also gives you the freedom to be creative in customizing the recipe. You can set the type of extraction, grind size, amount of coffee and water temperature.

Using the Nivona NICR 790 CafeRomatica is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly LCD display and intuitive buttons that allow you to quickly select the desired drink and easily customize your recipe. Yes, it's like a barista... in an espresso machine!

Psst! If you prefer coffee with milk, we highly recommend pairing it with the NICO 100 Milk Cooler. It works as a mini-fridge, keeping the milk at the ideal temperature.


#1 Put the coffee beans in the container
The integrated grinder takes care of the beans before each brewing session, ensuring that the rich aromas and freshness of the coffee are preserved

#2 Fill the water tank.

#3 Connect the milk-filled container.
For coffees with milk, connect the milk-filled container (NICO 100 Cooler or any milk container) to the lower end of the dedicated tube. The upper end remains in the outlet.

#4 Enjoy!
Select the desired type of coffee from the 9 presets. For a personalized experience, adjust the intensity, the amount of coffee, the water temperature, grind size or the extraction time.


Thanks to its advanced technology, innovative design and easy-to-clean removable components, the Nivona NICR 790 CafeRomatica is a very easy to maintain espresso machine. It has an automatic cleaning and descaling program, as well as an automatic rinsing function.


The Nivona NICR 790 CafeRomatica allows the preparation of two coffees simultaneously.

Size: 34 (height) x 24 (width) x 46 (depth) cm
Weight: 10kg
Water tank capacity: 2.2l
Coffee bean container capacity: 250g


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