Costa Rica Los Manzanos Coffee Capsules

Costa Rica Los Manzanos Coffee Capsules

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Notes of pineapple, berries, chocolate



Oh my! Divinity has been hijacked into a tiny capsule that will make you feel like the Zeus of coffee.

86.5 QGrading points - green coffee evaluation by 3 QGraders, certified through Coffee Quality Institute.

Medium-dark roast: a special roasting profile exclusively for capsules to get a full flavorful experience, with fruity and chocolate notes shining through.

Precise grinding: a specific grinding type that favors an ideally balanced flavor profile - sweet, medium pleasant acidity, less bitterness.

Divine quantity: 6,1g/coffee capsule to deliver a creamier texture. 

You’ll be delighted by a charming coffee – high in sweetness, with medium acidity, low bitterness, and divine hints of pineapple, berries & chocolate. Mmm… so divine!


Farm: Los Manzanos
Region: Tarrazu
Altitude: 1700m
Variety: Caturra & Catuai
Processing: Natural

This Brewzeus coffee lot is coming from Los Manzanos, Tarrazu region (1,700 m altitude) – one of the most popular regions in Costa Rica. In 2017, Mihai visited Costa Rica and was impressed by the work and talent of Esteban Zamora, Los Manzanos’ farmer. Since then, they developed a special coffee friendship! Continuing the family’s tradition, Esteban is working with his brothers & cousins to farm and process quality coffee with unique and complex taste profiles.



  • Use filtered water or low mineral water


  • Preheat your cup before use


  • Shake your Brewzeus capsule before use


  • We recommend a shorter extraction. Go for 20ml, instead of the standard setting of 40ml


  • The capsules can be used on all recent Nespresso® Original & Morning machines*

*The Nespresso & Morning Machine brands are the property of a third party, not affiliated with Coffeenativ or Brewzeus.


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specialty coffee


Carefully curated
by Mihai Panfil,
Origo Founder divine

Approved by
3 certified
ORIGO qgraders

your morning treat

Roasted in
Origo Roastery

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